Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Reinhard Bonnke Singapore Indoor Stadium 30/6/06 - 1/7/06

I was a delegate at the recently concluded fire conference at the Indoor Stadium. Here's a quick evaluation.

Bonnke likes action. Getting people out of their comfortable seats to evangelize the lost is his passion. Don't be a parked car...no one follows a parked car...the church should be like a car on the road!! he roars. Nope, Bonnke is not one for understatement. His messages reminds me of a WW2 panzer tank , firing its shells.

Age Is No Limit
Bonnke is 66 years old! My wife and I spent our honeymoon at his first nationwide evangelistic crusade at the national stadium more than 20 years ago . The man hasn't changed. He's still proclaiming Jesus and the gasspell (that's “gospel” for the uninitiated). No lack of fire and passion when Bonnke's around. My prayer is that ,like Bonnke, I will remain red hot for Jesus at 66!!

South East Asia & The Pacific
Bonnke's ministry is now a well oiled global ministry made visible through a worldwide network of regional representatives. Africa was his launching pad. Apart from Latin America he has ministered in all the major continents of the earth. China was mentioned as a focal point of the Lord's end-time global harvest as a missionary sending church.

Marketplace Evangelism
The workshop on marketplace evangelism at Emmanuel AOG was quite well attended. There were many speakers who covered a wide range of experiences. An Australian shared about his experiences in the corporate world. Benny Ong's teaching was testimony based. Two ladies talked about the effectiveness of the Alpha course in their attempts to evangelize their colleagues. Very interesting stuff. The session closed with a rip roaring evangelistic presentation by an Indian evangelist.

The Anointing “Kicks In” As We Launch Out
Bonnke's last plenary message centered on Joseph's wish to bury his bones in the promised land. Very powerful stuff. He closed by saying that there was no need to seek a new anointing and that the initial experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit automatically would kick in as believers grabbed the initiative and do the Lord's work. We don't wait for the anointing before we minister; the anointing flows through us as we launch out!

Laying On Of Hands & The Eucharist
There was an anointing service at the end of the conference. Bonnke laid his hands on every single delegate. It was well organized. He stood on an elevated dias. The delegates were prayed for in pairs as they streamed through Bonnke's left and right. I would have preferred to share the Eucharist with the other delegates (It would have meant more work!!).

The Fire conference renewed my sense of calling to serve the Lord in Bolivia. The next steps promise to be very challenging and the messages spoke to me on a personal level. The Lord bless Bonnke and his team as they continue to serve the King of Kings!

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