Friday, July 07, 2006

Singapore and Bolivia are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Bolivia is about 2000 times bigger than Singapore. They speak Spanish. We speak English. Singapore is a big zero when it comes to natural resources. Bolivia is rich in minerals, natural gas etc.. Singapore is a port-city. Bolivia is landlocked. Singapore is efficient, conditioned and engineered. Bolivia is topsy-turvy and unpredictable. Singapore has had the same ruling party for more than 40 years. Bolivia is no stranger to coups, intrigue and a constant change of governments. Yup lots of differences between Singapore and Bolivia. Hey but wait a minute. There are some similarities. Singapore and Bolivia celebrate national day in the same week of August. Folk in the Bolivian highlands like chilli in their foods. Singporeans like their food spicy and hot. And the most important similarity: A sizeable number of Bolivians and Singaporeans love Jesus. They share a common Biblical faith...and that's cool!!


vee said...

Some Bolivians are now in Singapore to participate in the Internatinal Physics Olympiad, held from 8-17 July.

Anonymous said...

thats great news! Maybe I can catch with them. Where are they staying?

vee said...

They are staying in newest the NTU hostels. We travel from places to places everyday for sightseeing. For more information, check out